Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept

Now testing on the Shoppe:
( site– Searching the MPM collection.

Login is required to Search the text data, and Registration is not open to clients from the general public at this time.

• Facebook profile is an option for Login, and this requires the email associated with the Facebook profile be on file with the website.

Once Logged in, the Search MPM menu can be found under the News menu item (not the general website “Search” showing the magnifying glass).

The initial landing page from the menu above looks like this, and is publicly accessible.
However, attempting to Search the Collection without being Logged into the Website results in a message such as ‘Tabulate Error’.

Note: the ‘&’ is for illustrative purposes only, and does not appear on the page.

Using multiple criteria selections.

Search hint: Use multiple criteria, with Matching or ‘Does not Match’ to narrow your results.


When logged in to the Site, the search page looks like this, a work-in-progress:

Search integration