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Manahan-Phelps-McCulloch Collection

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General — 

Note: While the combined Subject and Keyword search provides more
flexibility, it has a more compact display and a somewhat slower response.
The subject+keyword page has also been restyled to utilize minimal formatting
to permit more flexible mobile device usage.

Special purpose — 

  • Notes Field – Check here for items flagged with notes regarding the condition of the article, referenced by Serial number from one of the above search results.
  • The example shows a photo with adhesion/deterioration, which is noted in the Notes field.  Use this to narrow your search results from above.
  • Composite* Field
    See abbreviations below, this field contains merged elements from the source data where applicable of the form :
    Abbrev. [ Value if present ] 
  • May be used to locate groups of photographs if you determine their values from a search above.
Composite Field Abbreviations:
Bx : Box Coll : Collection Ng : Negative ID Rg : Register
Scd : Secondary Tg : Tag Typ : Type – negative, positive, “a”

Then use the buttons to modify, reset or run your query.